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It Is All About Helping You Have the Best Credit

We have invested HOURS of our life understanding the in’s and out’s of credit to be able to confidently bring you the tools and resources you need to improve your credit.

Our personalized approach to each and every situation gives us a unique advantage to strategically attack derogatory items that are holding back your credit scores.

From our credit repair services to ongoing education we strive to bring you the absolute best tools and resources to improve your situation.

It is no wonder that Credit Repair Gal, Inc. is on of Michigans fastest growing credit repair companies! 

Our Company Mission

Our mission is to provide you with the tools and resources you need to improve your credit. We do this by striving to be the best in credit repair and education so we can deliver the best results.

Our Vision

Our vision is to empower every single client to achieve their financial goals by improving their credit and save thousands of dollars on everyday expenses. 

Advantages of Using Credit Repair Gal

✓ Get help from experienced credit score improvements specialists.
✓ Learn how to manage your credit the right and rewarding way.
✓ Build back your buying power.
✓ Save time and effort.

Credit Tools and Resources

Our recommended credit tools and resources to improve your credit

Credit Monitoring

Check all 3 credit reports and scores with IdentityIQ 

Credit Builder Card

Our recommended secured credit card for building your credit


Get approved for secured and unsecured loans with Self Lender

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